Headlamp Bulb SLYCON H4 12V 60/55W (120% Double Blue with Platinum)
Headlamp Bulb SLYCON H4 12V 60/55W (120% Double Blue with Platinum)

Socket Version: H4

Nominal Voltage: 12 Volt
Rated output : 60/55 Walt
~ Moonlight (Additional +120% more brightness light)
~ Material of glass: Quartz (Safety)
~ Material of top cover: Platinum
~ Material of base: Stainless steel (Resistance to Oxidation)
~ Light Color Temperature: 4000K (Brighter)
~ Rated Life: 450 hours ( Much longer)
~ Moly Sleeve Protected (High Thermal & Electricity Conductivity)
~ Coating Liquid (Moisture Resistant & Non-Outgassing)
~ High Purity Tungsten Wire (High-Melting Point , Corrosion Resistant & Thermal Efficiency)
~ 99.999% Vaccum (Longer life)
~ Anti-high Temperature PPS Material (High Heat Resistance , Flame Resistance & Dimensional Stability)
~(Kr)(Xe) Gas Injection  (Allow the Filament to Operate at a Higher Operating Temperature)

🔎 Properties of Tungsten Wire:
✅ High melting point: Highest among all metals at 3410°C.
✅ Heavy: Very high in density, with a density of 19.3 g/cc.
✅ Bearing Capacity: Highest tensile strength of all metals over 1650°C.
✅ Heat resistant: Excellent high temperature strength.
✅ Low vapor pressure: Lowest vapor pressure of all metals with 4.27Pa at 3410°C
✅ Radiation shielding
✅ Least corrosion: Acid and chemical proof
💡 Tungsten wire is used as filaments for lighting, electron tubes, electrodes, high-temperature furnace parts, probe pins, Tungsten (W) offers exceptionally high strength and good electrical resistivity at very high temperatures.
💡 Tungsten wire demonstrates useful electrical and thermal conductivity, which explains why it is used extensively for lighting as well as in electronic devices and thermocouples.
💡 At this time, the purest tungsten wire available is 99.99% pure, made from 99.999% pure powder


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Published : 14-Jul-2022

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