🌺🌺 Happy Malaysia Day 16th September🌺🌺
🌺🌺 Happy Malaysia Day 16th September🌺🌺

🌺🌺 Selamat Hari Malaysia 2022 马来西亚日快乐 2022 Happy Malaysia Day 16th September🌺🌺

Always stand for what you believe,
stand for what is right and stand for what you desire.
True freedom lies where the mind is without fear.




Pelbagai bangsa pelbagai budaya,
Hidup bersatu aman sentosa;
Ayuh kita rakyat Malaysia,
Bersatu hati jiwa bangsa.


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Sokongan anda adalah tonggak pertumbuhan kami

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Kepuasan anda adalah usaha kekal kami

❤️ Your trust is our responsibility
Kepercayaan anda adalah tanggungjawab kami


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Published : 15-Sep-2022

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