🪔 Happy Thaipusam 2023 🪔
🪔 Happy Thaipusam 2023 🪔

The Hindu festival of Thaipusam is about faith, endurance, and penance.

 “Thaipusam” occurs on the full moon day in the Tamil month, Thai (January–February). Thaipusam is derived from Thai which means “10th”, and Pusam means “when the moon is at its brightest”. The festival commemorates the occasion when Parvati gave Murugan (aka Kartikeya) a Vel ''spear'' so he could vanquish the evil demon Soorapadman and his brothers.
According to the Hindu Purana Skanda Puranam, the legend of Murugan, and Thirupugal which are divine verses on Murugan, adhere to Shaivam principles. Murugan is the embodiment of Shiva's light and wisdom and devotees pray to him to overcome the obstacles they face, as He is the divine vanquisher of evil. The motive of the Thaipusam festival is to pray to God to receive his grace so that bad traits are destroyed and help them get rid of arrogance, greed, and hatred.


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Published : 4-Feb-2023

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